Monday, December 31, 2012

BUY A SET - PART 26 Lisas Schoolplacement

Happy New Year, I wish all my readers. What better way to start the new year than with a new SET. But this time it is not just a SET. No! It is a complete story. Yes you read it correctly. I taaaaker started an illustrated history and also brought to an end. I myself am a bit proud of myself. Really enough for me to work with the create the images. But a good friend of mine, let's call him "Donald" told me a story to write. And I did that. Between Christmas and New Year, I wrote the story about Jim Anderson. He lives on an island called "LittleTall" some Stephen King fans among you will surely smile now. I find the name "LittleTall" fits here like ass on bucket. The young Lisa is looking for an internship as a kindergarten teacher. And Jim runs with his wife, the local daycare. What a coincidence. Why Lisa not too young for responsibility and stressful situations is experiencing it in this 2 divider. I used to create this story, not Adobe Reader. I have no idea how this part works. I only used Paint. Simple and easy. In each set you will find 69 and 138 images. what? It's simple. I have both always created the original image and even a copy with inscription. So you can always have the full picture.Why? I think it is nothing worse than speakballoons hide the most beautiful poses. I would really much feedback. You liked the story? The models were sexy enough? What can I improve? So now let's continue to pop the corks. Now I have to really go to bed. Good night.

Lisas Schoolplacement

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Price: € 12,00 (each part)
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Number of pictures: 138 (each part)
Image file: png
Packaged as: RAR
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  1. I bought this set. I was soo fantastic with a marvelous tall strong girl.
    Probably the best author with a fantastic style of girls.
    Dialogs are cool too.

    Thank you very much Taaaker