Monday, March 25, 2019

BUY A CLIP 1 - Little Animation

Hello dear friends of muscular women. I wanted to get in touch. I could not publish my new set yet. I think it's not really done yet, but maybe it's done. I'm missing the ideas right now, so I just took a different path. With this little video I want to shorten the waiting time for something new. I hope you support me with the purchase of this little movie. Happy New Year 2019. Your taaaaker.

Little Animation

Price: € 10,00 
Download Servers: workupload
  Video file: wmv
File size: 45 MB

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Whats up taaaaaaaaaaaaker?

Hello friends of the sun. My God that was a summer and he's not even over yet. Too hot for my taste. I have not reported for a long time, so here is a small intermediate. Sanitary was absoulut not my year. The first 3 months I was tied to the couch because I broke my ankle. Shortly thereafter, the cecum was removed. The year is not over and I hope there are not more bad surprises waiting for me. But now for the messages that are probably more interesting for you. Yes, there will be a new set, I think it will be ready by the end of the year. And there's a new blog I just started building. For a long time I have been regularly looking for muscular girls in video chat rooms. And I found some. If you're interested, support my efforts and expenses by buying some of the videos. So far as the state of things.

 Greetings taaaaker.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

BUY A SET - PART 35 Berliner Saunaclub

Welcome to Berlin's Saunaclub. In this set I have once again joined the taaaakerTV ALLSTARS. We had Mimi for example with a short guest game. Or how about the young Thessa small but incredibly muscular, she gives 2 older gentlemen on vacation swimming lessons. Then there would be Becca she is a young trainee in a law firm. Her boss is quite enthusiastic about her muscles. Lara Croft has also been kidnapped by mercenaries.

Berliner Saunaclub 

Price: € 10,00 each part. ( 3 Parts)
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Number of pictures: 1121
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File size 2,2 GB = 3 Parts


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Friday, July 1, 2016


Welcome to the summit of evolution. This SET I again blasted my own limits of feasibility. Since January, I've been working on this crown jewel. I pumped all love. get gray hair. And my firm belief that you will love it. Why you will love it? Quite simply because I love it. This baby has a great name because it's fucking GREAT. Two fat Stories are waiting for you. Plenty of muscle Girls, blowjobs and semen. And all for a fair price. Buy it yourself, or let it remain. But better if you buy it.



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Monday, July 20, 2015


I am pleased to announce to you that I have completed a new set. The name "The Big One" is no accident. More than 700 pictures are waiting for you. At a price which is more than fair. It was originally intended to be a new "Annie Ample Story", but after some back and forth, it is now a huge collection of photos with more than 7 female models.

They are waiting for you.



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  € 15,00 (COMPLETE SET)
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 Part 1 - 5 (200 MB)
Part 6 (114 MB)


Thursday, October 16, 2014

BUY A SET - PART 31 Franziska

Franziska was never a normal girl
At 9 years old she played with weights 
instead of with dolls.
  And now she's a doll who plays with men.  
This story is about forbidden relationships
After Lisa's School Placement and Poolside 
now my third story.


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    € 6,00 SET 2  
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  € 12,00 SET 5
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SET 1 (100)
SET 2 (100)
SET 3 (100)
SET 4 (100)
SET 5 (191)
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SET 1 (138 MB)
SET 2 (161 MB)
SET 3 (166 MB)
SET 4 (167 MB)
SET 5 (324 MB)