Friday, August 17, 2018

Whats up taaaaaaaaaaaaker?

Hello friends of the sun. My God that was a summer and he's not even over yet. Too hot for my taste. I have not reported for a long time, so here is a small intermediate. Sanitary was absoulut not my year. The first 3 months I was tied to the couch because I broke my ankle. Shortly thereafter, the cecum was removed. The year is not over and I hope there are not more bad surprises waiting for me. But now for the messages that are probably more interesting for you. Yes, there will be a new set, I think it will be ready by the end of the year. And there's a new blog I just started building. For a long time I have been regularly looking for muscular girls in video chat rooms. And I found some. If you're interested, support my efforts and expenses by buying some of the videos. So far as the state of things.

 Greetings taaaaker.