Monday, July 20, 2015


I am pleased to announce to you that I have completed a new set. The name "The Big One" is no accident. More than 700 pictures are waiting for you. At a price which is more than fair. It was originally intended to be a new "Annie Ample Story", but after some back and forth, it is now a huge collection of photos with more than 7 female models.

They are waiting for you.



Instructions for "BUY A SET"
You want to purchase "THE BIG ONE"?
Donation exactly 15,00 € ON THIS BLOG.
Within 48 hours, I will send the links to your e-mail address.
If you do not get your links within 48 hours, please write me at

  € 15,00 (COMPLETE SET)
 Download Servers: 
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Packaged as: RAR

File size

 Part 1 - 5 (200 MB)
Part 6 (114 MB)



  1. That's a great serial.
    For sure I will buy. Your tall strong females with heavy muscles and boobs from best dreams, are so incredibles.
    Thank you for your art.

  2. Hello Taaaaler

    I downloaded Part 1 and 2 : so great. Thank you

    hundred pics of this gallery are so great with your tall large super busty light brown amazon. Her boobs are so heavy , her male can roll on just 1 of them
    Nipples are big as the male inch: I imagine a breastfeeding and the volume of milk with just one enormous boob. Razz

    Her face is lovely too.

    Lifts are great, sexy. I love how your super muscled females carry her boyfriend with only 1 hand like they were only little doll.

    The tall female with dark hair is great too. (Perhaps different versions without and with cook should be proposed according tastes of custumers)

    I love when your super hotties keep and grap their male with theire oversized hands. I'm feel tiny myself !! Shocked Shocked

    I love your different point of views of your camera. Scenes become infinity of time and pleasure.

    Great faces interaction between your delightful goddesses and their super lucky boyfriend. Laughing

    So funny when you show different expressions of your super babes from the same pic. Laughing

    Wall Background with your previous incredible pics is incredible too.
    Because of all details, even if I see it 4 times one of your pic, I notice a new detail.

    That's great.

    Thank you so much Taaaaker.

  3. incredible job . So much pleasure from each pics.
    Great Great!
    For me, this is the best.