Sunday, December 16, 2012

BUY A SET - PART 22 - 25 Jeff

Hi my name is jeff. I am 67 years old. and I'll tell you today a really crazy story. It all happened in front of a month. You must know my wife is old and no longer sexy. I spend most of my time in front of the computer. I masturbate under the blanket. on a weekend, my wife froze to her sister. The house belonged to me. Until then, the doorbell rang. A small excerpt from the story that I'm writing about these pictures.

Total of 560 images. 3 weeks work. I hope you like it. Have fun with it.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Jeff Part 1 - 4

Price: € 12,00 (every set)
Download Servers:
Number of pictures: 140 (every set)
Image file: png
Packaged as: RAR
File size:
Part 1 247 Mb // Part 2 247 Mb // Part 3 275 Mb // Part 4 245 Mb

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  1. Hello

    I want to give again homage to Taaaaker for his fantastic tall superbusty girls from his stories, since 2008

    So magnificent high amazons with arms 3 X larger than average males, broad magestic shoulders, small waist and adorable feminine faces.
    We can feel their soft skin, not too vascular

    I love so much his style because these hyper beauties are always lovely with their male partners.
    They carry their boyfriend gently, easily like they were only doll to play with.

    Rounded busts of these hotties are so royal, so large. Some time average males like most of us, can lie on them.

    I love how Taaaker move his camera from the same scene. We see different point of view, different point of pleasure. Time and pleasure become infinity...

    Paradise isn't far with his incredible king-sized goddesses.

    Thank you Taaaker.